We are like our hometown Frankfurt: grounded and forward-looking, reliable and creative, well-positioned and perfectly interconnected.

What we do

Who we are 

Our designs integrate all aesthetic, economic, spatial and sustainable requirements. And we know exactly how to realise them: As practice-oriented architects, we work in a team of specialists for all phases of construction. We implement our projects all the way from start to finish.

Rooms influence our lives - this applies equally to living and working spaces. This is the source of our drive to plan in such a way that every detail makes a positive contribution to our well-being. We design buildings that add value to life. By shaping them from the point of view of the people who use them in everyday life. In this way, we create living spaces with high value constancy.

Our Expertise

Our clients can rely on us. Because we see them as partners at equal level, whose goals we never lose track of. In this way, we represent the interests of our clients on site in every construction phase. We have made the best experiences with this open and cooperative way of working - for over 60 years.

If you want to create value for the future, you work with state-of-the-art technology. A consistently digital planning process ensures efficiency and transparency for us. This involves simulating the structure and the building technology realistically. Spaces can be experienced directly, which leads to time savings and higher planning quality.

Transformation means developing the existing in order to save space and resources. This is challenging, but also appealing. What can be preserved or repurposed - how can it be translated so that it will last the day after tomorrow? Which materials meet the requirements of sustainability and economic efficiency? The densely built urban space poses many questions. We seek and come up with answers.

Our hometown is one of the most exciting cities in Germany. It is traditional and intimately connected with the region. At all times, it is cosmopolitan and international, in the area of tension between progress and evolved identity. All of this in a limited area. This has made it a laboratory in which we, as planners, must find solutions for challenges from which other cities can also benefit. Passion and mission - shaping our city is both for us.