We are MOW, architects from Frankfurt. We build on over 60 years of corporate history, from which our experience has grown. We stand for design, quality and methodical approach. Our employees, all experts in their field of expertise, are the backbone of our performance.
We are MOW. Experts in the team.

Competence based on many years of experience

We provide our services efficiently and transparently in order to offer our clients the highest degree of security at all times. Trust lets us jointly move the ideas that are important to our clients.

No spectrum, no color. For us, planning is teamwork. Understanding the connections between building projects enables us to develop and implement designs in dialogue. Architects, interior designers and site managers contribute to our wide range of services with their well-founded specialist knowledge. As team experts, we turn visions into reality.

We design viable rooms to live in. Based on this claim, we develop a living, educational and working environments that offer people the highest quality of life and preserve it for future generations.


Quality by planning down to the last detail

When developing ideas, we focus on the human being as our benchmark. Beyond our design requirements, as architects, we create living spaces in which people feel comfortable and unfold. A sustainable and high-quality living and working environment has a positive effect on our well-being and also meets the social demands of the future. Through our work, we create space for life.

Together we develop innovative and individual solutions

Our methods are characterized by a positive and structured style of communication that focuses on people's needs. Listening carefully enables us to understand our clients´ goals and to translate them into built space.

Listen, analyse, plan. Our strength is communication with each other. From this, we design project processes that lead to success in a structured manner. We develop creative drafts analytically from the interests and demands of our clients.

Our Services

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The entirety and detail at a glance

In order to do justice to social and technological changes, we experiment with new technologies at an early stage. We see digitalisation as an opportunity to network the planning, execution and management of real estate in order to build better and more economically.

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The digital planning process enables transparency for all parties involved over the entire course of the project. Building Information Modelling (BIM) allows realistic simulation of buildings and technical building equipment at an early stage using a virtual model. Rooms can be experienced and virtual reality makes them tangible. Networked process flows increase the quality of construction and lead to planning efficiency and time savings in implementation. The symbiosis of digital and analogue world enables us to communicate in a contemporary way.

As a Frankfurt architectural office with over 60 years of experience, we know our city. It is our ambition to design Frankfurt and the metropolitan region for the people who live and work with us here.


Since the office was founded in the Westend, MOW has been developing urban concepts for the city. More than 40 architects and engineers are planning the future of the region and complex projects nationwide. Many years of membership and involvement in associations such as the Frankfurt Association of Architects and Engineers (AIV) and the Association of German Architects (BDA) have created a strong network for successful work. Our special understanding of the urban context and heritage protection is based on a large number of realized projects in close coordination with the local authorities. The experience gained in this way also applies to the preparation and implementation of competitions and development plans and the design of our city.

Shaping the future in a responsible way

We want to create viable living spaces. Based on this sustainable demand, we develop a habitat that offers people the highest quality of life and preserves it for future generations.

The MOW Greenteam bundles the expertise of Leed and Passive House planners to give the projects the professional input that ensures sustainable implementation and management. We lead by example. Our certified environmental management allows us to operate sustainably. As a member of the German Sustainable Building Council, we are committed to resource-conserving planning in Germany.


Our Services

  • Architect BDA

    Partner and Managing Director

    Born 1980 in Gießen. Studied architecture at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences.

    Andreas Bendlin has been with MOW since 2008. As of 2016 he is partner of MOW Architekten GmbH.

    He is responsible for the quality assurance of procurement processes, project controlling and construction supervision. With his many years of experience in project and construction management, he is driving the optimization of database-based processes in planning, procurement and construction. With the development and training of digital processes, he transforms interfaces between the planning participants into contemporary, digital solutions.

    Andreas Bendlin is freelance architect, member of the Hesse State Chamber of Architects and Urban Planning, the Architecture and Engineering Society (AIV) and the Association of German Architects (BDA).

  • Architect BDA

    Partner and Managing Director

    Born 1975 in Darmstadt. Studied architecture at Detmold School of Architecture.

    Stephan Lücke has been with MOW since 2013. As of 2016 he is partner of MOW Architekten GmbH.

    For many years he has been working in the design department at MOW and is responsible for the design. With in-depth knowledge of the management and planning of complex, LEED and DGNB-certified projects, he is responsible for the area of sustainability and combines the expertise for resource-efficient construction in the Greenteam of MOW.

    As an architect, he lived and worked for several years in Arabia and Asia and, in addition to international project experience, gained valuable insights into diverse urban living spaces and cultural circles. He was involved in the planning of Baku airport for Woods Bagot and the Marina One project in Singapore for Ingenhoven Architects.

    Stephan Lücke is freelance architect, member of the Hesse State Chamber of Architects and Urban Planning, the Architecture and Engineering Society (AIV) and the Association of German Architects (BDA).

  • Architect BDA

    Partner and Managing Director

    Born 1968 in Karlsruhe. Studied architecture at Bochum University of Applied Sciences.

    Thilo Mack has been with MOW since 2003. As of 2016 he is partner of MOW Architekten GmbH. Due to his longtime experience at MOW, he was strongly involved in developing the corporate culture and is in charge of planning, controlling and acquisition.

    The long-term and solid positive development of our team is the center of his work. Fairness and responsibility towards our customers, partners and employees are values by which he is guided, and that you can rely on.

    Since 2015 Thilo Mack got involved on the board of the Architecture and Engineering Society (AIV) and is member of the Association of German Architects (BDA). Furthermore he is member of the Staedelschen Museum Association and on the Kuratorium Kulturelles Frankfurt.

    Thilo Mack is freelance architect and member of the Hesse State Chamber of Architects and Urban Planning.