Concept study for a bidding process at Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage,

Frankfurt am Main

As part of a concept study, usage scenarios for the 15,300m² site between the main railway station and the trade fair centre were examined and supported with exemplary plans. Variants were used to investigate how a mixed-use quarter can be realised at the site, taking into account the listed buildings. The focus here was to enable a high proportion of living within the permitted 100,000m² floor area and to integrate it in a socially acceptable manner with 30% subsidised housing construction. In this way, scenarios with a residential share of up to 65% could be developed that went beyond the city's requirements and would be flanked by hotel use in the listed presidium and office use. The resulting cluster of high-rise buildings, connected by a series of public courtyards, was able to convince the city and the state in presentations and to assert itself until the final round in the competition of international bidders for the purchase of the site.

100.000 m²
CG Gruppe
Office building, Residential

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