Frankfurt School

A new university for management

Frankfurt am Main

The new Frankfurt School of Finance and Management building on Adickesallee, designed by Henning Larsen Architects and implemented by MOW, skilfully combines the urban design specifications of an administrative building from the 1950s with the requirements of a modern university. The volume and position of the demolished old building had to be incorporated into the design for the new building. A filigree pavilion with the typical swing of the 1950s, the presidential building, was retained. The result is a long atrium, a horizontal connecting and access axis that connects all the university's functions. All seminar areas and public functions are linearly connected by the central 4-storey hall. At this "Zeil des Wissens" the library, group work rooms, lecture rooms and refectory form the framework for modern student interaction. The lecture and seminar rooms are arranged along the facades and have daylight access. MOW supervised the site search, the competition and the drafting of the development plan. The range of services of MOW includes also the construction planning, the interior design planning, the construction management and the project controlling.

Technical data

2015 - 2017

38.120 m²

142.850 m³

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management gGmbH

Educational institution

Henning Larsen


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