Architecture of the 3rd generation

20.03.2018 – #Work

In 1956, the architecture office was founded by Horst Minden in the Westend of Frankfurt. After 16 years, the office moved to its present location in 1972 - the villa in the Dichterviertel in the district Dornbusch. With the partnership of Edwin Olschok and Manfred Westenberger the office MOW Architekten Minden Olschok Westenberger was established in 1989. In 1993 Mr. Minden resigned from the office after 37 years of freelancing activity. From 2002 to 2015, Birgit Giebel was a partner and co-director of the MOW Olschok Westenberger + Partner office. In 2003, MOW Generalplanung GmbH was established in parallel with MOW architects, which is a continuation of the success story. In 2016, Thilo Mack, Stephan Lücke and Andreas Bendlin became partners and co-managers at MOW and lead MOW architects and general planners to the third generation.